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Compare Express Parcel and Business Parcel

Indian Postal service was established at year of 1850. It started with the setting up of the office at India. India post has developed and set itself as an extreme service supplier in the courier industry in India with its affirmation of 150+ year’s aptitude. It is quick, innovative, cost-effective and reliable service has made us one of the trusted courier services.

Department of Indian postal service is working round the clock taking full care of the valuables of the clients, be it material or feelings. It is currently working much harder to meet the developing desires of our regarded customers. It is recognized as the largest and most trusted postal delivery service provider company in the country with its presence in every niche and corner of country. And it is distinguished as temperate and savvy courier service. It have made amazing progress in giving aggregate for a wide demographic from people to driving corporate, MNC’s, educational and financial institutions.

Department of Posts is interestingly intended to serve customer with speed, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness and economy at highest priority. India Post has developed its tracking tool by using latest and advanced technology. It is a main courier company overhauling intra city, villages, small cities, domestic and international destinations. The offices are midway arranged for simple logistical arrangements and solidification of documents and packages.

India post transports the parcels on time to the delivery point at extremely focused rates. Its teamwork, technology consolidate to make things conceivable and a customary accomplishment by ensuring that customer documents and packages are delivered safe and on-time each time utilizing our accomplice’s coordinated system. It is also giving services to corporate, intuitions, government bodies, MNC’s, import or export houses and numerous others with tailor-made answers for their logistic need of sending documents, samples, parcels for domestic and international destinations.

Department of Posts has developed various tailor made services to Indian customers like stamps, speed post, registered post, media post, express parcel, business parcel, greeting post, logistics post, banking, insurance, transfer money, life insurance, retails services and etc The brief discussion of these services are given below:

express parcel vs business parcel

Express Parcel

Express parcel provides various services to Indian citizens, those are given below:

  • This service available for both retail and corporate or business customers.
  • Fast and secure and time bound delivery.
  • For retails or corporate or business customers, the minimum weight of the express parcel consignment is 0.5 Kg.
  • For retails customers, the maximum weight of the express parcel consignment is 20 Kg.
  • For corporate customers, the maximum weight of the express parcel consignment is 35 Kg.
  • Door to door service is available.
  • Redirection facility not available to customers And return facility is also available.
  • It the articles is loss or damage the compensation restricted to one thousand rupees or the actual value of the parcel or the content lost, whichever is less.

Business Parcel

Business Parcel is unique concept for corporate and the Government organizations to reach potential customers. The main features are given below:

  • It is creative, cost effective and personalized.
  • It is over packed.
  • Innovative and effective for brand and marketing managers.
  • Fast track and low cost.
  • Advertisement on post cards, letters, aero grams, postal stationary and many more.
  • Post cards, Money orders, Inland letters can carry message in any India language or English only and Aerogram carry message in English only.
  • Printing is available in four colors, which is your choice.

Greeting Post

Greeting post is the unique concept for the first time in India. The main features of greeting post are given below:

  • It’s fascinating.
  • Using this post, you can express every occasion, festival or event perfectly.
  • These are available in private distributors of the greeting cards and stationary shops.
  • Every major India post office sells the Greeting cards.
  • Multi colored embossed stamp is attached on the envelope.

India Post Tracking Method

The express parcel, business parcel and greeting posts are booked in almost every post office across the country and delivered every corner of the country. As a customer, you can find the article tracking status by using the following methods.

  • The tracking number of the article or parcel or bundle or consignment is printed on the package booking receipt.
  • It is a thirteen digit bar-code that identifies consignment tracking number.
  • You can also use SMS service to track the parcel.
  • To track the parcel status just type ‘POST TRACK <13 digit article number>’ and send SMS to 166 or 51969.
  • You can find the article or package or consignment status by browsing the official website.
India Post Mail Products
  • Speed Post.
  • Registered Post.
  • Media post.
  • Greeting Post.
  • Logistics post.
  • Letter.
  • Inland letter card.
  • Post card.
  • Book packet.
  • Registered news paper.
  • Blind literature packet.
  • Parcel.
  • Insurance.
  • Value payable post.
India Post Services
  • Committed day.
  • Fast, safe and secure.
  • Definite deliveries.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • On time delivery.
  • Delivery through committed facility.
  • Tag of reliability and integrity.
  • Effective, efficient and economical tariff service.

The department of India post is the backbone of every Indian citizen. It is reliable, fast and secure. India post services like Express parcel and business parcel are convenient to Indian customers and are reliable.

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