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From the last 160 years, the Department of Indian Postal Service is the backbone of India. The Department of Posts has the huge network across India. It is playing crucial role in communication and social economic development of India. It touches the hearts of Indian citizens, by providing the most trusted and reliable services in India. The most reliable services by India Post are delivering mails, small saving schemes, accepting deposits, insurance, retail services and etc.

Especially, delivering mails is the most important feature of India Post. The delivering mails are classified into categories according to speed, safety and reliability. The delivering mails of India Post are Speed Post, Registered Post, Media Post, Logistics Post, Express Parcel, Letter, Inland Letter and etc. One of the best features introduced by India Post for delivering mails is web and SMS based track and trace system. This track and trace system was made by using latest technology.

If you booked a parcel in any India Post office, then is the most reliable and trustworthy private based website to find the current speed post tracking status of your parcel by using the thirteen digit consignment number, which will appear on the booking receipt. The tracking feature of was made by using latest digital technology. This website will always provide the accurate India post tracking status results of your parcel. The tracking feature of this website is most reliable and accurate, when compare with other private websites.

The Department of Indian Postal Service is the top most prominent postal system in India. The complete operations of India Post are running under Ministry of Communications, Government of India. It is the best medium between Government of India and Indian citizens. It has last mile connectivity in India. Department of Posts can reach even rural areas, where no other private company can reach.

India Post Tracking

India post tracking feature is the one of the best feature of Department of Indian postal Service. After the introduction of this feature, you can find the current or complete tracking status of many articles, which are booked under Department of Posts. It is the accurate and reliable feature.

There are different types of tracking features are available, which are Speed Post tracking, Registered Post tracking and etc. These tracking features are made by using latest and innovative technology. The services of India post are convenient. Department of Posts is the most preferred postal system in India.

speed post tracking

How to Track India Speed Post

Every year, the Department of Indian Postal Service can deliver more than 1575 Crore mails across every corner of India. India Post is the most dominating postal system in India. It is the largest network in India and also in worldwide. Department of Pots has established 154149 post offices and 564701 letter boxes in India. These results will show that, no other private postal organization can come near to Indian Post office.

India speed post is the most prominent and premium product of Department of Indian postal Service. It delivers the mails within seven days. It is most reliable and fast service of Department of Posts. The parcels deliver with speed post are safe and secure. From the last 30 years, speed post is maintaining the top most leading service in domestic market of India.

The articles booked under India speed post can be tracked by using the following methods.

  • First open the Department of Indian Postal Service website or App.
  • Enter the thirteen digit consignment number in the India Post tracking form of India Post website or App.
  • This thirteen digit consignment number is printed on the booking receipt.
  • This booking receipt will provided by Department of Posts after parcel booking.
  • Now press the ‘Track Speed Post’ button.
  • After sometime, you will get the current speed post tracking status of your parcel.
  • You can also track the Indian post tracking form through SMS.
  • Type ‘POST TRACK <13 Digit Consignment Number>’ in your mobile and send to 166 or 51969.
  • After sometime, you will get the current India Post tracking status to your mobile as SMS.
  • SMS charges are applicable as per the service provider.

Speed post will deliver the parcels up to 35 Kg of weight. With the collaboration of Universal Postal Union, EMS Speed Post has delivering in foreign countries also. The articles booked under speed post are given below:

  • Speed Post
  • Registered Post
  • Insured Letter
  • Value Payable Letter
  • Insured Value Payable Letter
  • Registered Periodicals
  • Registered Parcels
  • Insured Parcel
  • Value Payable Parcel
  • Insured value Payable Parcel
  • Business Parcel
  • Business Parcel with Cash on Delivery
  • Express Parcel
  • Express Parcel with Cash on Delivery
  • Electronic Money Order
  • International EMS Speed Post
  • Electronic Value Payable Parcel
  • University Applications
  • Government Letters
  • Bank Letters
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Important Documents

After checking the Speed Post tracking status of your parcel through India Post office website or India Post App or through SMS, then the India Post will show the result as below:

  • Parcel booking post office details
  • Parcel received post office details
  • Parcel dispatch details
  • Out of delivery details
  • Parcel delivered details
  • Delay details
  • On time details

India Post Services

India Post provides the value for money basis services to Indian citizens. The services of Department of Posts are very close to every Indian citizen. The different type of India Post services are given below:

  • Letters, Post Cards, Inland Latter Cards, Book Packets, Value Payable Post, Parcels, Flat Rate Box, Logistics post and etc.
  • Registration, Speed Post, Registered Post, Business Post, Express Parcel, Greeting Post, Media Post, Direct Post, Logistics post, Bill Services and etc.
  • Insurance for parcels are available.
  • Web and SMS based tracking services, which are speed post tracking, registered post tracking, India Post tracking and etc.
  • Sale of postage stamps, sale of postal stationery and etc.
  • Commemorative and Special Postage Stamps.
  • Money Orders, Instant Money Orders, Indian Postal Order and etc.
  • Small Saving Schemes, Saving Certificate and etc.
  • Postal Life insurance, Rural Postal Life Insurance and etc.

The Department of Indian Postal Services is available for corporate, retail and business customers. India Post parcel delivery services are fast and secure. India speed post delivery services are time bound. India speed post offers door to door and pickup services to their customers. One of the best features by the Department of Indian Postal Service is compensation. If the parcel is lost, then they provide compensation to the customer.

Speed post tracking is the most innovative and effective tracking service by India Post. India Post tracking service is the most valuable service to the customers. India Post provides low cost services and useful services to the customers. The Department of Indian Postal Service is the market pioneer in the India domestic express industry. Department of Posts is maintaining the top leading courier brand in India from almost decade.

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