Speed Post Tracking

The department of the posts is the backbone for India for more than 150 years. The main services of India posts are delivering mails, small savings schemes, insurance and more. Mails can be delivered in the way of Speed and registered post and etc. These mails can be traced through online. The user can find the speed post tracking status at here, by using the consignment number or tracking number. India post office acts an agent for Government of India for pensions and Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme wage disbursement.

India post has almost 1.5 Lac post offices, in then 89.87% are located in rural area. In the same way dtdc courier company network has also established across every corner of India and worldwide. Both India post and dtdc are touching the heart of every Indian citizen and making crucial role in both social and economical development. The customers of both India post and dtdc can find the tracking status at https://sites.google.com/view/dtdc-courier-tracking/. This can be find just by entering the consignment number or tracking number in the official website tracking form.

India post office has joined the hands with Indian railways for door to door delivery of parcels and consignments across India. Both India post office and Indian railways have tie up for delivery of parcels to last mile connectivity in India. Both have best tracking tools to find the status. Indian railways has PNR status to find the passenger reservation status and Indian post has speed post tracking to find the parcel status. Both are trying to expand the services throughout India.

Every year, India postal service delivers 1575 crore mails across every corner of India. It has wide network that is 154149 post offices and 564701 letter boxes across India. No other courier service can match Indian postal service.

India Post Tracking Methods

The mail can be booked in all postal departments that provide speed mail. Using the following methods, we can track the current status of the consignment.

  • The India Post tracking number of the consignment is printed on the package booking receipt.
  • It is a thirteen digit barcode that identifies the consignment number.
  • You can also track through SMS service. To track the status of the article type ‘POST TRACK <13 digit article number>’ and send SMS to 166 or 51969.
  • You can find the consignment status by browse the official website.
India speed post tracking

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The services of India post office is given below:

Financial Services

The financial services of India postal service are given below:

  • Money Transfer – Money order, Instant money order, Indian postal order and many more.
  • India post savings bank – Small savings schemes and savings certificate.
  • Postal life insurance and rural life insurance.
Philately Services

The philately services of India postal service are given below:

  • Postage stamps.
  • Commemorative and special postage stamps.
  • Delivery through Philatelic bureau and counters as well as through E-Post office.

India Mail and Other Services

The mail services of India postal service are given below:

  • Letters, postcards, Inland letter cards, book packets, value payable post, parcels, flat rate box, logistics post and many more.
  • Registration and insurance of postal articles and parcels covered by such facility.
  • Speed and business post, express parcel, media post, greeting post, direct post, bill mail service, logistics post and many more.
  • Speed post tracking and other mails tracking can be done browsing Indian postal official website.
  • These services can be provided at delivery post offices and branch post offices.
  • Sale of postage stamps and postal stationery and etc.
  • Money related transactions i.e., money orders, insurance and others can be done at post offices.

The brief discussion about some mail products are:

Express Mail

  • Express parcel service available for both retail and business customers.
  • It is fast and secure. It provides time bound delivery parcels. These are sending through air or in any fastest way.
  • For retail customers minimum weight is 0.5 Kg and maximum weight is 20 Kg.
  • For business or corporate customers maximum weight is 35 Kg.
  • Door to door service available.
  • For business and corporate customers pickup facility is also available.
  • If the article is lost or damaged the compensation is up to one thousand rupees or actual value of the parcel.
  • Express parcel can be booked in any post office, with in India.

How To Track Speed Post

Speed mail is the market leader in India from last 28 years. It delivers letters and parcels, which is up to 35 kg weight. The user can send parcels through speed mail in selected post offices only.

  • Articles can be send through India post office and tracked through consignment number are speed and registered post, insured letter, value payable letter, insured value payable letter, registered periodicals, registered parcels, insured parcel, value payable parcel, insured value payable parcel, business parcel. Business parcel with cash on delivery, express parcel, express parcel with cash on delivery, electronic money order, international EMS and electronic value payable parcel.
  • The tracking status can be finding through official website, by using 13 digit barcode number of consignment.
  • The tracking will appear periodically in website. Those are item booked, dispatched, received at various locations and delivered.
  • The status appear in website are as follows:
  • Item booked means article booked successfully at India post office.
  • Item received means article received at India post office.
  • Item bagged means article bagged in dispatch bag at India post office for shipment.
  • Item dispatched means article is for delivery.
  • Out of delivery means article sent for delivery.
  • Item delivered means article delivered to recipient.
  • If the user receives a sms that tracking information unavailable, it doesn’t mean that item hasn’t mailed. It will be delay, so don’t be panic that you receive the item.
  • With the collaboration of universal postal union, EMS speed mail delivers parcels across 99 foreign countries. It is very economical and faster.
  • It is very useful for university applications, business mails, government letters, bank credit and debit cards mails and many more.

Media Post

  • Media post is created for to help Indian corporate and government organizations.
  • It is an innovative and effective for brand and marketing mangers to communicate their customers.
  • The brand can be taken fast. And it is very low cost comparative to others.
  • Advertisements on postcards, letters, aerogram, postal stationary and etc.
  • Postcards, inland letters and money orders forms can carry message in any Indian language or in English. That means language is no barrier.
  • In case of aerogram, message will carry on English. The printing on aerogram and postcards can be done in four colors. It will be our choice.

In the above article we learnt about Speed and registered post, express parcel, India post office and many more. India post is marker pioneer in domestic express industry. Especially the speed mail is very useful to those customers, who send mails in fast and quickly. And the user can find the speed post tracking status by using the thirteen digit consignment number. It is the heart of Indian citizen from last decade.